Never, ever underestimate the therapeutic power of spending a few days with close friends. Don’t take the people you love in your life for granted. They truly want to see you better.

5 Questions for Kristina Haynes | Splice Lit

Guys! Girls! Dolls! Butts! 

I’ve just been interviewed by a super cool, super trendy lit magazine called Splicelit and as well as answering some questions about my writing process and my feelings towards Tumblr, they’ve also allowed me to send in two brand new poems. I sound a lot more neurotic than I really am, I think, but I’m so tickled pink by being interviewed that it’s kind of obscene. SO CHECK IT OUT.

if he isn’t calling you then it’s okay to feel
this destroyed over a boy but remember
he did you a favor i know you think this is
the end but it is also the beginning it is also
cleaning up after yourself you can’t keep
crawling inside other people sooner or later
the heap of clothes at the foot of your bed
is going to stand up on its own and talk back
you can’t just wash your hair in the sink
forever when there are people with real
problems who still remember to recycle
and when did you become so soft? trying
so hard to look sexy in photos that you come
off as confused eating nothing but waffles
is not a diet even if there are blueberries
don’t ask just tell about the kinds of shocking
things you find under your nail beds your
mother warned you about pain that would be
there one day and then gone the next she
warned you about it all

Kristina Haynes, “If He Isn’t Calling You”
Anonymous said: when I really want to see myself I go to your page and read your poems

It’s this, really, being able to make a mirror out of my poems. Thank you.

Today darling I am rising
from the lavender bathtub
of self-loathing. I don’t take drugs
to shut up I take off
my pants when I get home
and I stay there, red cup full
of cigarettes from heaven, ghosts
of all my friends between my toes.
I imagine them pouring vodka all over
each other wearing glitter.
The vision is closing in like a tight dress.

Morgan Parker, from “Other People’s Comfort Keeps Me Up At Night,” published in The Offending Adam (via bostonpoetryslam)


The Last Billboard

A 36-foot-long billboard located at the corner of Highland and Baum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Every month, a different individual is invited to take over the billboard to broadcast personalized messages, which are spelt out using wooden letters that are changed by hand. 

you can follow its tumblr here. 

I feel like if my poems could see themselves
they’d want a nose job, so I’m extra careful
around mirrors. This isn’t the first love poem
I’ve written today. It’s definitely not the first
love poem to ever exist. My grocery list
looked like this last week: coffee grounds,
lipstick, eggs, canned soup, apples, lotion,
shampoo. The thing about being single
is that you can sleep in to an ungodly hour but
you’re the one that has to do all the shopping.
I still remember how kissing him made my
mouth sweat. This isn’t anything new.
Our hair falls out and the milk spoils and
we buy magazines for their glossy promises.
Currently I am sitting on the subway after
getting a bikini wax and I can’t stop rubbing
my thighs together. I would have sent you
this text but we’re going home to other
people now. Being an adult looked so much
better when we weren’t adults.

Kristina Haynes, “First Love Poem”
Anonymous said: Have you ever written ten poems in one day and not posted them to tumblr? I sometimes feel like writers if writing is their passion should produce a lot of material if it is something they want to make their life career and make a profit from. Do you think your passion for writing is shown through how much you dabble in the subject? Is it a struggle for a person who really loves writing and is their passion to produce more than one poem a day? Not being mean but overly curious.

No, actually, you pose a really great question and it’s something I think about myself a lot actually! Honestly, yes, it’s hard for me to write so much and not share what I’m working on on Tumblr. But I’m trying hard to post less of my work because, as you’ve said, I’m sort of getting paid to write now (a little bit) and I definitely keep that in mind when I’m writing and especially when I’m debating on whether or not to post a new poem or even a little baby excerpt of something. But I started this blog off having absolutely no idea what I was doing (for any of you that have been following me since I first started, you know I wasn’t even a writing blog!) and not getting paid for anything, just kind of having fun and not writing at all, I don’t think it’s entirely fair of me to withhold new work and not post anything and then just demand that y’all purchase my book or whatever. That just doesn’t sit right with me. I wouldn’t be where I am without any of you, cheesily enough, so I’m not ever going to stop posting new things outright, there just might be less new work at times because I’m working on other projects at the moment, like these Chloe poems and another manuscript and things that I’ve been asked to do for several literary magazines. My ten poems in three days post is referencing my Chloe poems project which, if you can’t tell, I AM EXTREMELY EXCITED ABOUT and I honestly just want to finish them so I can figure out what to do with them. I think it’s clear that I’m passionate about my writing but I don’t think that at all correlates with how much work you’re producing at any given time. Sometimes you just don’t want to write. That doesn’t mean you don’t care. More like you care so much you don’t want to fuck it up.


Anonymous said: please explain your 'chloe poems' project?

um honestly i really don’t have too too much to say about it other than my goal is to ultimately write 25 poems for this project and, from the time i decided to do it last night to just right now, i’ve currently written four poems and am working on two partly-done pieces. i’m actually really excited because i’ve always wanted to try out serial poems and i’m really really REALLY happy with how they’re coming out so far so we’ll see. eventually i’d like to expand the project (ie release them as a chapbook or something online for a teeny tiny fee but let me not get ahead of myself. i have to write them all first!) xoxox

Chloe was born with her eyes open
which means she can see through your bullshit.
Chloe, you don’t have to hunch your shoulders
in like that. She leaves her mouth all over town
and always tips too much. Fishing pennies
out of her sheer stockings, getting high
off the fumes from the city bus. Chloe,
don’t think that you’re doing anyone any favors.
This will end in tragedy but your boyfriend
will still drive you home and kiss your forehead
while all of those numbers from strangers
weigh heavy where you stuffed them into
your push-up bra. Chloe, you scare me when
you say you are nothing except your body.
Sometimes she just wants to throw herself down
the stairs or brew all the coffee in her cabinets.
Chloe wakes up feeling like she’s been kissed
by the bartender and as proof, she picks
a cherry stem from her back molars. Rinses
her mouth with grenadine.

Kristina Haynes, “Chloe Was Born”

Sometimes I Wish I Never Took a Women’s Studies Class


Sometimes I wish I never took a women’s studies class. How, once I saw the war against us, I could not unsee it. How aware I became of the billboards and their slow twist of my arm. The lipsticks I used to collect, and love, suddenly many-hued bullets. Walking out from the midnight of a movie theatre into the shock of day, my friends laughter popping like corn, saying how great the movie was, and me, the blanket wet with phrases like, ‘the male gaze! ‘, ‘heteronormative!’ ‘complete and utter objectification of women!’

I miss the days when I could enjoy a fucking movie, or the silk of a shaven leg. I miss not having an existential crisis in the hairstylist’s chair saying, ‘no, i’m going to keep it long this summer.’ Miss the days when I wanted the men to look — when I thought ‘not like other girls’ was a compliment. I miss the days way back, further back, when I could pin a picture of a princess on my wall and feel proud—I even wished it when I was in that courtroom—when I could have still been a girl who let things go, who said the threats were not so bad, said ‘boys will be boys’ and let him tell me how pretty I’d look murdered.

But I was glad for those classes that day, in his room, when I said, ‘No’, and he said, ‘Must’, and I laced up my boots and got on a train, any train, not sure where home was but knowing damn well where it wasn’t.

-Megan Falley has been writing a poem a day, every day for the year of 2014. “Sometimes I Wish I Never Took…” was her 193rd poem of the year.

Anonymous said: Hi where can I buy your book? I absolutely love your poems. They make me feel like you understand me, and can put my feelings and emotions into words. You're amazing.

Thank you so much! You can currently purchase my book in both digital and print versions on the Where Are You Press etsy webpage. xoxo 

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