Kristina. XXII. USA. "I go everywhere and want to be kissed."  

The boys we try to take home make us feel like high school all over again, like empty hallways and strawberry milk.

Everyone is so sad and lonely on the internet. Everyone is so sorry but they won’t send you flowers.


Market Street, Philadelphia, 1944, Louis Faurer

Disclaimer bc y’all think I’m angry and that I hate men—I’m not, and I don’t.

If men were house plants, I would forget to water them. I would never open the blinds.

I’m either falling in love or running away from it,
fire constant in my brain, staying even after I am left.

Kristina Haynes, from “I Have Survived A Lot of Things” (via hellanne)


Ai Weiwei - A Fountain of Light (2007)


turning so many people into poems that sometimes I forget to turn them back

I do not stand in love, but outside of it, in its shadow, looking inward, reaching, always reaching.

Backstage at Chanel Haute Couture S/S 2014 by Anne Combaz

Anonymous said: What's your inspiration for writing?

love, love, love, always love.

Softly reminding you that my book, It Looked a Lot Like Love, is still available for purchase through Where Are You Press.

i don’t always know where my poems are going but i hope they’re happy


Marine Vacth, in Jeune Et Jolie (2013) dir. by François Ozon